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Enhance the effectiveness of regular classes &

boost test results.

Targeted Preparation Programs for the Test.


AP Test Prep

for May 2021 test.

Class starts on February 25th.

  • Prestige Online specializes      in intensive & focused         short-term prep courses.

  • Ensure your perfect score doing last check-up with our targeted prep courses.

SAT March Intensive Course

Registration Open

Course starts on February 27th.

Targeted Preparation Programs for Individual need

  • Target-prep courses have flexible schedules with a highly customizable format.

  • Contact our academic advisors to find the most suitable Target-prep course to boost your score.

GPA Booster

  • Manage challenging courses such as IB & AP.

  • Elevate & Enhance the understanding of the subjects.

  • Assistance with school projects & homework

  • Flexible scheduling and individual planning.

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Special Programs

  • Competition & Qualification programs

  • Promote genuine interest toward the subject

  • Goal driven focus, pressure management skills

  • Social interaction with peers and competitors.

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If you are interested in a program not on our list, be sure to contact us. We can help find and arrange a program suited for your needs.
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