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AP Class

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AP Class Review

Excellence & Rigor

Calculus AB
Calculus BC
Computer Science
Art History
US  History
European History
World History

AP classes provide the academic rigor needed to strengthen a student’s chances in the college admissions process.

Based on the Level Test, our experienced advisors will recommend the most effective programs for you.

     It is not always realistic for students to both meet the rigor of the fast-paced schedule of the college-level course and achieve the grade they desire.

     Prestige Online’s experience will help the student navigate and overcome these challenges.

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      Students can either take the AP Class Review as a preview to the school class or as a review to increasing a student’s chances of achieving a high score.

     Prestige Online's AP Class Review is a flexible and approachable option for success in an AP class.

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       In any circumstance, Prestige Online will accommodate a student’s need and provide an effective complement to the pressure cooker high school schedule.

     Plan early and join Prestige Online AP Class review to strengthen your chances in the college admission. 

2022 Spring AP Class Subjects

AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Physics
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics
AP Art History
AP US  History
AP European History
AP World History
AP Economics
AP Computer Science
AP Languages

AP Seminar on every Wednesday

Schedule can be changed without notice. Please call 929-777-0534 to confirm.

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Meet Prestige Online’s counseling team and teachers to identify your need and receive an accurate and effective guideline to improving your test results.
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