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Prestige Institute Online

     Prestige Institute, a Northeast private college prep agency, helps students achieve their full test-taking potential with a program based in identifying the core concepts and using individually customized curriculum.

     We pride ourselves in being one of the first agencies to recognize the challenges of the new College Board testing format and for developing highly effective test prep materials in all subjects of the SAT as well as the ACT, an exam that bears more and more significance in recent college admissions. We have also developed great resources and experience in SSAT prep and preparation for the entrance exams of competitive high schools such as the Bergen Academies.

     For the last 10 years, our students have shown extraordinary results and improvements attesting to the effectiveness of our curriculum. Our curriculum, which is based on extensive testing and research of actual exams, enables our students to recognize the patterns of questions and allows them to increase the accuracy and efficiency of their test taking.

     We are confident that we have achieved our goal in developing our curriculum to help students realize that test prep is not something difficult and confusing, but rather it is a process that a student can prepare for and ultimately enjoy.

     We are proud to say that many of our students have been admitted to the nation’s top colleges. However, we are most proud of how we have helped our students view the test preparation experience not only as a number that they must reach but as a process to gain self-confidence that is woven into the fabric of the people that they have become.

     We are excited to expand our program to helping even more students as we shift online. We hope to see you soon in our virtual space.

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